How to Record Audio on Win7/Win8

1. If you just need record computer's audio, then choose the "Soft Audio" option:

2. If you need record microphone as well, then choose the "Audio Device" option:

And then click on "Config Audio Device", set "Microphone" as default device:

Notice 1: If you need to record Microphone and Soft Audio at same time, suggest to use headset for playback the output audio; otherwise, if you use speaker, the output audio that going out from speaker could be captured by microphone again and then mixed with output audio that captured by Soft Audio, which could cause noise.

Notice 2:Don't need to use "Stereo Mixer" anymore on Win7/Win8, otherwise the computer audio could be captured by both Stereo Mixer and Soft Audio, which could cause echo noise.
If you still need to use "Stereo Mixer" to record computer audio and microphone, please un-check the "Soft Audio" option.