About Lukool Recorder

Lukool Recorder is a screencasting software that can record games, video or desktop screen to high quality video streams, and also can broadcast it to Internet in realtime! This is best for games recording, live streaming, remote monitoring, and even more!

Fully support recording all versions DirectX( 11, 10, 9 and 8), OpenGL and GDI games, such as League of Legents(LoL), Dota2, World of Warcrasft, Starcraft I & II, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies, etc.
Highly optimized video codec that can achieve the best video quality while only consuming minimal CPU resource.
Built-in high quality video transcoder and editor.
Support Win7/Win8/Vista pure-software audio recording that can 100% capture computer sound without any noises.
Support FPS overlay, still image capture, region capture, pause while recording, and more.
Fully support for Win8, Win7, Vista and Win XP.

by aniluke@2013

What's New

Lukool Recorder 2.7.5 Released!@2013.3.18

  • Brand-new highly optimized video codec that can get much better video quality, while more smooth and smaller bitrate.
  • Add Win7 desktop recording optimize feature, which can gain 2~3 times performance when desktop recording, and can solve the black-screen issue on Win7.
  • Improve transcoder performance with about 2 times.
  • Fixed black-screen issue when broadcasting.

Lukool Recorder 2.7.4 Released!@2013.2.18

  • Support recording Win7/Win8/Vista sound by Soft Audio, don't need the Stereo Mix anymore.
  • Add 192kbps high-quality audio encoding.
  • Fixed mouse cursor flicking issue when recording desktop.


Please email to the following address for any feedback or cooperation - liverecorder@gmail.com